Albas/ Pure Colours

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Albas are often called pure colours due to their inability to produce the anthocyanins, the red plant pigments. This inability is caused by a missing or defective enzyme. The gene responsible for albinism is inherited in a Mendellian fashion.To get albas both parents must be carrying the gene.
You can have white, yellow or green albas but never pinks or reds and you will only ever see white and yellow labellum markings.  The floral segments do not stain due to light or temerature and colours can be very intense and vibrant. One important strength of the pure colours is that their colour holds up extremely well under artificial light conditions where many cut flowers and pot plants are used and sold . 

There is an increasing demand for pure colour cymbidiums. At Bryants we have now developed the pure colours to such a stage that they grow and produce as well as, if not better than, normal coloured cymbidiums. Size is another feature that has been incorporated into the development. Many of our  varieties are being successfully grown commercially.