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          Links to Orchid Clubs and Nursery web sites

Links to sites and people in NSW
Barrita Orchids
Cymbidium Club of Australia (NSW)
Orchid Society of NSW
Royale Orchids
Keith Wallace Pty Ltd (Gordon Giles)
Flora International
( Nicole Khattar)
Links to sites and people in Victoria
Terry Poulton (Teepee)
Devon Meadows Orchids (C. & K. Gillespie) 
Kimberley Orchids (Jenifer Robertson)
Orchid Society Council of Victoria
Collectors Corner
Cymbidium Orchid Socirty of Victoria
Links to sites and people in South Australia
Cymbidium Orchid Club of South Australia
Graham Morris

Wayne Baylis
Barry Bailey

Pauline's Laboratory Service
Sims Orchids
(Moss & Rosemary Bray)
Links to sites and people in Western Australia
Ezi Gro Orchids
(Kevin Butler)
Norm Martin- champion grower
Bunbury Orchid
Links to sites and people in New Zealand
Airborne Cymbidiums
(Ian Floyd)
Pioneer Cymbidiums
(Kane & Gale Matthews)
Andy Price
Links to sites and people in USA
Santa Barbara Orchid Estate
George Hatfield Orchids
Orchid People(Bob Harris)
Links to sites and people in Europe
Ambiance Orchidees
Mc Bean's Orchids
Eric Young Orchid Foundation
Rene van Eijk Orchids
RHS Orchid Register
RHS Supplement of new Orchid Hybrids

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