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Bryants Orchidis 2016/2017 Cymbidium Seedling Flask List

Click here to download  pdf to print.Please note flasks contain at least 25 seedlings.



Flask orders processed in order received. Expect up to 4- 6 months before orders  will be ready for delivery.

White Expectancy


Cronulla Star Blessing” x Laramie Angel “TP” :

Blessing is very good shape and ultra-early clean bright white flowering before Mother’s Day. “TP” has is a very compact plant with exceptional round filled in shape and pretty lip flowers. Expect early, compact show bench whites.












Cronulla Star “Blessing” x Spring Flame “Blushing”

See description of “Blessing” above.

Blushing is a mid-season blush white, small standard with round show shape.

Expect early to mid-season show whites many with red edged lips.





(Cronulla Star x Joan’s Era) “Kouri” x Laramie Angel “TP”

“Kouri” is a tough pure white with white column. It gets up to the low 20’s on a stem and multiple spikes. The lip has a white border around the dark crimson edge and a yellow centre. Expect early floriferous, compact plants with clean white flowers and interestingly marked lips.


(Cronulla Star x Joan’s Era) “Kouri” x (Anna Szabo x White Valley)

“Kouri” is described above and is used here with a different genetic line. Clean whites with dark contrasting lips expected in mid- season. 


(Cronulla Star x Joan’s Era) “Kouri” x Spring Flame “Blushing”

 Expect shapely, productive, floriferous, tough clean whites with dark edged lips. 


Anna Dragon “Wow” x Laramie Angel “TP”

“Wow” is a beautiful small standard with a very appealing lip. Combined with “TP” should really give some pretty results for compact small standards for the shows.


Anna Dragon “Wow” x Fresh Charisma “Freshen”

Tough late season whites with concolour to pink edged lips.


Fresh Charisma “Freshen” x Ocean “TP”

“Freshen” has been producing some nice progeny. Late season white, alba carriers.




Finally succeeded in crossing these two magnificent splash petals together.


[(Masao Toya x Serenity) x Valley Splash] “Angelina” x Kimberley Splash “TP”






Kimberley Winter ”Green Heaven” x [ Paradise Island x (Glowing Sands x Wonder Arc)] “Geebee”

Big clear greens with large lips. Shape should be good.








[(Lunakira x Loftus Gold)x Daintree Showers)] “Shazam” x Kimberley Winter “Green Heaven”: Expect good colour and productivity from this cross. Nice colour greens on good stems with red edged lips.


[Paradise Island x (Lunakira x Loftus Gold)] “Ariadne” x Kimberley Winter “Green Heaven”: “Ariadne” is one of the finest early greens I have seen. Big flowers on compact plant. Large show bench greens.



[(Lunakira x Loftus Gold)x Daintree Showers)] “Shazam” x

[Paradise Island x (Lunakira x Loftus Gold)] “Ariadne”:  Two of our latest and best greens. Good shape and colour early to mid-season.



[Paradise Island x (Lunakira x Loftus Gold)] “Ariadne” x (Glowing Sands x Wonder Arc)] “Geebee”: These should be beautiful shape and colour greens with lightly marked or red edged lips. Bonus is that both parents are not coarse growers like many greens. Early to mid-season.






Yellows with some greens



[Paradise Island x (Lunakira x Loftus Gold)] “Ariadne” x Purely Dreaming “Gosh”: Two very fine shape flowers crossed together.


Kimberly Winter “green Heaven” x Purely Dreaming “Gosh”: 

Big lips and big flowers. Large mid to late season greens and yellows. No albas.