About Us:

 From late 1969 until 26th March, 2010 Bryants Orchids was based at its Kurnell Nursery in Sydney, Australia which has now been sold for residential development.

Bryants Orchids is a family partnership that was founded by Alvin Bryant and can boast over 40 years of experience in exporting Cymbidium cut flowers and plants as well tissue culture and hybridising.


These days Bryants Orchids is no longer exporting flowers but is just concentrating on hybridising and developing Standard tetraploid (4n) cymbidium seedlings and selected mericlone varieties .

 Please note that we do not have a retail nursery to visit.

Greg Bryant is a  Cymbidium specialist who has spoken at Orchid Conferences and meetings around the world.

Bryants Orchids plant stock can be found in diverse locations around the world including the Netherlands, India, USA, UK, Japan, New Zealand as well as around Australia.


 Below are pictures of Bryants Orchids Nursery and just some of its many internationally successful  commercial Cymbidium varieties.